The Dirty Details: To Blog or Not to Blog?

March 15, 2011

In a recent article found in April’s issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, a young, newly married woman talks about a secret sex blog that she kept. In the article, she talks about how she originally started writing the blog for work. She says her boss asked her to blog anonymously about her sex life for the website of the magazine where she worked. The woman jumped at the chance and was very excited to be working on this project. She apparently was so excited, she forgot to mention this to her husband. (Maybe not so accidentally though…)

At first, she talks about how she began- by brainstorming ideas and different topics such a bikini waxing preferences and what not. Even then, however, she thought about her husband’s reaction to this and what it might be. “Deep down, I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled about the blog,” she writes.

Eventually, after the blog started getting quite a few hits and becoming increasingly popular, her boss asked her to step it up some and get even more “wild.” She seemed to hold nothing back and even started blogging about things that weren’t exactly true- just to spice things up.

After a while, her husband found the blog on the internet. She writes his reactions as him screaming, “‘I can’t believe you’ve been writing this for the whole world to see!'” After looking at the situation and feeling like she betrayed her husband’s trust, she puts it as “verbally cheating on him with more than one million devoted readers.” She also writes that she won’t dish about anything she wouldn’t be comfortable having her husband reading or hearing anymore.

It is no secret that many many other women (and men as well) out there are blogging about the same things- maybe not for work, but still the same dirty details about their sexual lives- as this woman was. It would be interesting to look at how many of their sexual partners know about what they write, and how many of them are comfortable with it.

The article also shows a statistic (from cyber stress study from that says, “65 percent of people say they spend more time with their computers than with their significant others.” If this is the case, do you think that we should be just as open with our computers as we are with our significant others? (Since, obviously our computers know us just as well, if not better in some cases, than our significant others.)


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